Background checks on critical personnel


You may be about to hire a new IT employee, but after just four months, it turns out he had a hidden agenda. He is associated with a hacker group that wants to sabotage your company and steal your data. During his employment, he has installed malware on your company’s computers and servers, which, when triggered, leads to crashes, data leakage, security breaches, and negative publicity in both the industry and the media.


Who are your employees?
Can you trust them?
Do they have the right qualifications and experience?
Do they have something to hide?


These questions are not just important, but necessary to ask when hiring or promoting critical personnel in your company. Critical personnel are those who have access to sensitive information, valuable assets, important decisions or who have a major impact on your company’s operations and results.

A background check on critical personnel is one way for you to ensure that you get the right people for the job. A background check can reveal conditions that may cast doubt on a person’s reliability, trustworthiness, judgment, or safety. It could be:

  • False or missing educational or vocational certificates
  • Previous dismissals, disciplinary proceedings, or conflicts
  • Criminal records, fines, or convictions
  • Bad credit ratings, debts, or bankruptcies
  • Unethical or illegal behavior on social media or other platforms
  • Conflicts of interest, incompetence, or disloyalty


A background check can also provide you with a more nuanced picture of a person’s skills, personality, motivation, and values. It can help you assess how the person fits into your company’s culture, vision and goals.


As an employer, a background check on critical personnel is not only an advantage for you – it is also a advantage for your customers, business partners and other stakeholders who show confidence in the integrity, quality and responsibility of your company. It helps to assure them that you take both your interests and theirs seriously.

Consider a background check on critical personnel an investment in your company’s security and reputation. It can save you a lot of problems, risks, and costs in the future – but it can also grant you the peace of mind to focus on the thing that you do best.

At Global Security Job ApS, we offer professional and tailored background checks on critical personnel. We have many years of experience and expertise in the field, and we follow all the current laws and regulations concerning data protection and privacy. We perform background checks quickly, discreetly, and thoroughly, so that you will be able to make the best decisions for your business as quickly as possible.

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