Subcontractor to the National Police


Imagine a scenario where you, as a craftsman, are part of the contract for a major renovation of one of the buildings of the National Police. As part of the work, you have been given access to police offices and thus potentially confidential material and sensitive information. This requires a security clearance.

However, you will have begun the task before you get the clearance, as getting a security clearance is a slow process. This means that you risk losing your contract if the security clearance does not go through, even if you have already started the work. Our recommendation is simple: Avoid untold truths about the past and get a background check with us.

Unfortunately, there are plenty examples of things going wrong where it could have been avoided. We would like to help you and your company get ahead and sidestep unpleasant surprises and loss of revenue. This way, you can rest easy, knowing you can safely let your employees enter secured workplaces with access to classified material, no matter which type.

As a subcontractor to the National Police, the consequence of not carrying out a background check on your employees can be extensive and have a great impact on your business, because it may:

  • Result in you, as subcontractor, not getting the opportunity to bid for or win tenders from the National Police in the future. This may prevent you from entering into or fulfilling contracts with the National Police.
  • Result in you remaining unaware of the legal, ethical and security requirements that apply to the supply of goods or services to the National Police.
  • Result in you being unable to build the necessary trust, respect or recognition with the National Police and other potential customers. In other words, it could have a significant effect on your competitive advantages, market shares and development opportunities.
  • The consequence of not doing background checks on your employees could also affect the ability of the National Police to fulfill its tasks and ensure law and order in the country. By doing a background check, you can contribute to reducing the risk of errors and delays or generally compromising the equipment, personnel or information of the National Police.

Background checks are particularly important for subcontractors to the National Police because they can:

  • Ensure that you meet the high requirements for safety, quality, and reliability of the National Police.
  • Reduce the risk of errors, delays or compromise of the tasks and equipment of the National Police.
  • Ensure that you contribute to the National Police’s strategic goals of maintaining law and order, preventing and fighting crime, and protecting the freedom of the citizens.
  • Ensure that you avoid a conflict of interests, values, or rules with the National Police.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary skills and capacities to deliver effective and professional solutions to the National Police.
  • Contribute to increased competitiveness, market share or development opportunities at your company.


Background checks may be carried out in various ways, for example by gathering publicly available information. It is of course paramount to follow the current legislation and ethics surrounding background checks, which is why consent is always obtained from the parties involved before a background check is carried out.

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