Are you employing interns in a tech-company?


You work in the HR department of a large Tech company that regularly employs interns in both the IT and engineering fields. You do this not only to discover new talent, but because it helps you continuously develop the company and position yourself against your competitors.

This time you take on a new student with an engineering background, and he performs well during his stay. The problems arise afterwards, however. When the internship is over, you find out he was employed by a larger, competing company that now has the access to the confidential information your intern worked with during his stay, which gives them the opportunity to copy your unique IP and patent.

Are you a higher education with critical studies or a company that takes on interns who might need to handle sensitive information.

Then a background Check from Global Security Job is something for you.

If a background check is not carried out on students to avoid things like industrial espionage, it could have serious consequences for our educational institutions, companies and society as a whole. Some of these consequences are:

  • Loss of trade secrets, in other words, knowledge about production and knowledge of purchasing and sales of particular importance for competitiveness, such as customer lists, market analyzes and production methods, which will put you in an unfavorable position in relation to your competitors.
  • Loss of intellectual rights, for example, patents, inventions, designs etc., which could have major consequences for both your competitiveness, turnover and research.
  • Loss of market share, as a result of your position and earnings in a particular market being compromised and subsequently challenged or taken over by competitors who have gained access to sensitive information or research results.
  • Loss of trust and reputation. In our world, credibility is one of the most important resources, and one that is not easily measured. For that reason, it is vital that you do not lose credibility in the eyes of your customers, business partners, authorities and the public as a whole. Trust in a brand, company or institution can be eroded or completely destroyed by being exposed to espionage or leakage of confidential data.


All the examples above highlight the importance of being aware of the risk of industrial espionage and the significance of taking the necessary precautions to protect your information. This applies to foreign students who may have hidden motives or agendas, but also to Danish students who may similarly have an interest in gaining access to sensitive information.

You as an institution or a company have a responsibility to protect sensitive information and research results that may have strategic, military, or commercial significance and thus be of interest to other countries or actors. That is why we offer to carry out a background check on all foreign or domestic students who need to apply for a visa, residence permit and admission or internship with you.

The purpose of the background check is to ensure that the students have no hidden motives or agendas that could involve espionage or attempts to gain access to your sensitive information or research results. This is in accordance with your academic integrity, general ethics and regulations.

The background check consists of the following steps:

  • Completion of an application form with personal information, educational background, study objectives and plans. Foreign students will also be asked to account for previous stays in Denmark or other countries as well as any affiliations with foreign organizations or authorities, etc.
  • Submission of relevant documents which can confirm the information given in the application form. For example diplomas, letters of recommendation, passport, invitations from Danish institutions or companies, etc.
  • An interview with our security officer or another representative from our organization, who will ask additional questions about the students’ background, motivations, and plans.
  • A decision from our organization as to whether or not the student’s background check can be approved. In relation to foreign students, this may also depends on approval of a visa, residence permit or study or internship place from another side, etc.

The background check could take up to several weeks or months depending on the student’s situation and the documents needed, but we do everything in our power to keep the processing time to a minimum. We ask for understanding and patience on the part of the students.

We also emphasize that the background check is not discrimination or mistrust towards the students, foreign or domestic. It is a necessary and reasonable measure to ensure the safety of our information and to prevent espionage. We respect the privacy of the students and treat their information confidentially. After the background check has been completed, all information about the person in question will be properly destroyed, cf. current legislation.

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