Subcontractor to the Armed Forces


Imagine that you have gained a contract with the Armed Forces to clean their offices. You have a couple of knowledgeable cleaning assistants you trust completely, whom you want to put on the job, as they may potentially come into contact with confidential material. In order to get started, they need security clearance. The problem is that a security clearance takes an average of 6 months to get. Your contract starts now

– What do you do?

If you, as an employer, have a background check done by us on the employees you intend for the task, you will get a handle on the very basics and have the opportunity to sort out the worst problems before the job even begins, thereby avoiding a possible termination of the contract because of small things that could have been caught in advance.

As a subcontractor to the Armed Forces, the consequences of not carrying out a comprehensive background check on your employees can be serious, as it may impact on large parts of your business. It may:

  • Result in you, as a subcontractor, not getting the necessary security approval of your employees, and thus your company, which means you cannot access or be given classified information. This could keep you from entering into or fulfilling contracts with the Armed Forces.
  • Result in you, as a subcontractor, not gaining access to the necessary security aspects and requirements that apply to the delivery of goods or services to the Armed Forces. This may result in you being unable to comply with legislation, standards or agreements.
  • Result in you missing the opportunity to show the skills, qualities and the credibility you possess to the Armed Forces and other potential customers. This may lose you competitive advantages, market share or development opportunities.
  • The consequence of not doing background checks on your employees could also affect the Armed Forces’ ability to solve their own tasks and thereby ensure the country’s defense and security. By doing a background check you can contribute to reducing the risk of errors, delays or compromising the equipment, personnel, or information of the Armed Forces.


Background checks are especially important for subcontractors to the Armed Forces because they can:

  • Ensure that you, as a subcontractor, meet the high requirements of safety, quality, and reliability in the Armed Forces. They minimize the risk of errors, delays, or compromising the tasks and equipment of the Armed Forces.
  • Ensure that you contribute to the Armed Forces’ strategic goal of strengthening Danish defense and security, both nationally and internationally. At the same time, they help minimize the risk of conflict with the interests, values or alliances of the Armed Forces.
  • Ensures that you, as a subcontractor, have the necessary skills and capacities to deliver innovative and high-tech solutions to the Armed Forces. As such, they could help you secure your competitiveness, market share and development opportunities.

Our background checks are carried out in different ways depending on the circumstances and necessities of the client, for example through obtaining publicly available information. We consider it paramount to adhere to the current legislation and make sure to follow the ethics surrounding background checks. Among other things, this means that we will always make sure to get consent from the person in question before a background check is carried out.


So, what do you gain from a background check? Quite simply put: we can help you sleep easy at night and give you an edge with your client or an advantage over your competitor. We know where to dig and can help you uncover if a candidate is hiding financial challenges or whether paperwork and qualifications are in order. We get information from more than 500 specific sources across multiple platforms, and we can scan more than 3 billion media in the world. This means that we can perform background checks on approximately 1.5 billion people – a number that increases every single day – all year round. We are also able to search for sanctioned people and much, much more.

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